November 13th, 2006

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My name is Johnny. I am a student working to transfer to a UNI to major in psychology and human sexuality. I am currently conducting a research study on the paraphilias/atypical sexual variations that involve urophilia (arousal from urine/urination), coprophilia (arousal from feces/defecation), and emetophilia (arousal from vomit/vomiting). I am running a very basic survey as part of my project. I am looking for participants that would be willing to take 20 seconds or less to anonymously fill out my survey. The survey is rather flimsy as I am not basing my survey on a specific population. My intention is to get a generalized idea of how many people (at random) fantasize or engage in urophilia, coprophilia, and/or emetophilia, as well as which ones favor one another. This will add some jazz to my project. To avoid bias answers, I am posting my survey in communities that I feel will be open minded and mature and not only just fetish based communites. I would like to get about 500 participants total. I really appreciate your help. Thank you.