July 10th, 2008

The Pleiades

Confused By Women

I have gotten real confused over my niece and I don't think I have handled some it well.

I never suspected any woman would want to be protected.

What I have thought I knew about women must be wrong.

Many women seem to thrive, get off on and like being victims. I figure there must be alot of masochistic women but certainly as many masochistic men.

I should have told my niece in the past that I would protect her because that is what she wanted to hear from me. She wanted to hear that she is weaker than men, when in all actuality smaller is no disadvantage of all and women are no weaker than men.

Her lesbian victim, weaker stance confused me considering she is a violent dangerous personality.

It's kind of like how people mispercieve men as being dangerous so many times. I have never been affraid of a man in my life. I have always seen them as much more immature and weaker spiritually than all the years that I have had to fight against women for my real self.