Ivory Silence (ivorysilence) wrote in mens_studies,
Ivory Silence

I'm really glad to have found this community.

I have always been uncomfortable with the word "feminism," because it seems to be male-exclusive. Even though men can be feminists, it doesn't incorporate the needs of men.

What seems to make much more sense to me is gender equality activism -- something that will bring men and women together on the issues of gender.

I was taking a women's studies class my last year at Berkeley, and about a third of the class was made up of men, and the entire time I felt like they were getting the short end of the deal. The instructor (who was actually very even-handed) talked about how women changed in relation to men, but there seemed to be a glaring flaw in her analysis -- men are changing too, and nobody is talking about it!

I am curious to see what kind of issues are discussed in a pro-male (but not anti-female) community.
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