[★] Hannah Ax Wound [★] (jethrablack) wrote in mens_studies,
[★] Hannah Ax Wound [★]

AX WOUND: Gender & The Horror Genre
gets a b * L * o * o* D * y make over!!!

the zine Ax Wound issues #1 & #2 are going to go out of print once i get rid of the last 30 or so copies i have. I will then be taking the best of those issues and infusing them with a whole BUNCH of new articles & horror art & fun. The long article i wrote for the first issue will be updated to Vol. 2, as my observations and film viewing has expanded greatly since that was written i felt it needed to be updated.

the zine will be pretty and partly in color. it will also be very very big. like five issues in one!

if you would like to submit articles, photography, interviews, comics, reviews, ANYTHING relating to the subject of gender & horror send tooo


look for a brand new ax wound and ax wound website by mid january!!! xoxo


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