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Politically and personally, the change has equally profound effects. Some lesbians view it as a kind of disloyalty bordering on gender treason.

This is a journal for men's studies, so I want to turn this to the topic at hand: When a man goes through SRS, he's viewed as a "gender traitor" in our own masculine way.

There is confusion that finds its way into our masculine heads: Aren't men the stronger sex? The privileged gender? The ones people mean when they talk about "them" and "the man"? Why would you want to be a woman? And sometimes those poor TG men get hurt because of it. It's treason to leave masculinity, even just to play at feminine. Weak or sissy men; gay men; disabled or old men; men who forgo competition for cooperation or who take on careers beneath their ability so they can spend more time with their families - all commit gender treason to some degree. This is because masculinity sees itself as dominant, powerful, right.

It's not gender treason being expressed by the lesbians, but sex treason. If a masculine-identified woman who dresses and acts like a man becomes a masculine-identified man who dresses and acts like a man, she changes only her sex, not her gender.

So she's committing treason against...


A vagina? Two X chromosomes? Estrogen? Menstruation? Breasts?

Men (the masculine and otherwise) seem to fix on gender, not sex. What is gender for a woman, other than something that has been used to oppress her for millenia? Femininity has positive aspects, of course, but it has been, is, and for the forseeable future will be subordinate to masculinity. For a man, his gender is power, identity, and intention. A man's goals are measured by a masculine yardstick: He seeks to own, control, defeat, win and fight. Today, so are a woman's.

What is sex for men other than the shape of your pleasure-parts? We're hardly conscious of it, and we rarely concieve of the differences between women and men when it comes to biology, except to be confused by the complexities of progesterone, estrogen, cycles, ovulation, cramps, tenderness, underwires and yeast infections. Our own bodies are comparatively simple: They have two readily apparent states - aroused and not - and each state has a purpose that becomes clear as day sometime around the 4th grade, at the latest. For men, our sex is, was, and always will be. It has no real starting or stopping point, and will be tomorrow the same as it was today. For men whose equipment isn't working right, notice we don't disparage their SEX, but their GENDER. The "limp-dicked" are retreating and cowardly. The word "im-potent" means "without power or agency".

Women, it may be, fix on sex. Rather, sex fixes on women. It doesn't let them take it for granted, like men do with theirs. Sex, for a woman, is rich with meaning. Starting at menarche, it continues through the fertile years, reminding women of its presence for three or so days out of every 28, and the constant presence of it will not end until actually physically disabled through chemicals and blades. Menopause doesn't simply end the reminders, for most women. Hot flashes, sagging, and of course grown children all remind them of their sex.

So what these women are accusing the FTMs of is not gender treason, but sex treason. And that makes me think about how men and women see their gender and sex deviants. Notice in the article, the resentment of some women toward MTFs as well. It's a peculiar kind of sex treason. These women can't bear children, have no periods, and were born and raisied as men. If my current train of thought bears out, it'll be because some data somewhere shows that women and men are equally biased against MTFs, while women are more biased against FTMs. Perhaps also that men are biased against gay men most.

Women don't put much weight behind gender deviants. Males who act feminine are OK by them. Females who act masculine are also OK. Men don't put much weight behind sex deviants. FTMs don't really bother men that much. After all, if it sucks so much to be a woman, why not become a man? MTFs do bother men, though - they're gender deviants as well as sex deviants. Lesbians don't bother men much - that's hot! Plus, we're talking about (from a guy's standpoint) a woman your wife won't feel jealous of, who might wind up in a threesome with you, and with whom (if she's a masculine lesbian) you can talk about football and go to strip clubs!

Because altavista can be a rough measure of biases and attitudes:
+lesbian +sin -gay: 767,000 results;
+gay +lesbian +sin: 1,900,000 results;
+gay +sin -lesbian: 6,620,000 results.
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