News from Adonis Mirror

News from Adonis Mirror

Today we’ve published a new article, “The Mythology of Capitalism in Criticism,” that explores how criticism as a genre is used to sneak antifeminist polemics past editors—and lawyers—that would otherwise meet criticism of their own.

After all, how many book reviews themselves get publicly reviewed?

The article tracks numerous examples of this phenomenon—reviews that are not about the subject matter ostensibly being criticized but just an excuse for writers to wax on at length about their own pet issues with impunity—such as the treatment of the rap group Northern State and their “Dying in Stereo” album, JK Rowling, and even feminist powerhouses such as Gloria Steinem and Catharine MacKinnon.

Please check it out at

And this is a bit backdated, but in May we published an article about the worship of masculinity in organizations that are presumably anti-violence, the article “Our Humanity is not in our Strength” can be found at

In retrospect, I believe the article to be a bit light in its criticism of the White Ribbon Campaign (especially compared to how Men Can Stop Rape was not afforded the same amount of charity), and have edited it to include a link to feminist concerns about the group:

Roberta Spark’s “Gift Wrapping The Men’s Movement: Canada’s White Ribbon Foundation Campaign”

For further reading, please consider “Uneasy Questions about the White Ribbon Campaign” by Martin Dufresne:

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In a group like this, it is probably best to avoid using the word 'you', and instead use 'I'.

"Do you really think that..." > "I don't think that..."

It's very difficult in English written text to avoid getting into flame wars over controversial subjects if you focus on the individuals involved in the discussion instead of ideas.

I don't like having to police the group, and don't want to have to decide whether or not something qualifies as a personal attack.

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If you were asked to come up with male-positive slogans what would you put forth?
Obviously male-positive and men’s issues, not anti-women, also if you know of any good images, logos or symbols that would fit in too – reason being a very silly superficial one, I have a bag covered in menstrual activism/feminist buttons, I want one for men’s issues too. Stupid I know but it’s my way of expressing my opinions.

A new pro-feminist journal

Hi, I'm the editor of a new pro-feminist website called Adonis Mirror. Things are just getting started but there's a lot of content posted already.

We have a new article up on the blog phenomenon, entitled “Kill Your Blogs.” While in some ways it's ironic to broach the subject in this forum, it's important to take a look at the gendered components of blogging beyond the facile men=politics/women=fluffy-stuff that such accounts regularly devolve into.


“While self-publishing has never been easier, instead of simply contending with editors, writers are now awash in a digital world where no man will budge from the stage and be demoted, if only for a moment, to a mere member of an audience. This development has been widely taken as a good thing, a universal theater for mankind to hurl his defiance at the stars: through a patriarchal lens, dueling tyrants are often confused with democracy.”

“...the explosive popularity of blogs is in no small part due to the fact that men can actively express themselves not just in their own blogs, but in those of others, reading only so much as they need to in order to form their own rebuttal—which one can imagine to be quite a meager amount of reading indeed. Writing has become the new reading, subject to the “if a tree falls in the forest” effect: reading as an activity only possesses efficacy when it can be proven, empirically, by immediate material benefit. This is something that renders blogs exceedingly valuable to the masculine mind beset by doubt. Despite our gender’s happy illiteracy, we have always managed the lion’s share of letters to the editor in other venues as well; here, the rewards for being a ‘reader’ have never been so enticing.”

Check out the full text at:

Today we also have a new collection of illustrations drawn by Timo Honkasalo.



What do people think about radical feminists who endorse "compulsory lesbianism"? There is a lot of literature and websites out there written by feminists who believe that in order to be a "true" feminist then they must stop "sleeping with the enemy"...even if they are straight they must either just give up men...or only indulge in sexual practices with other "womyn"?

I mean, has anyone heard of this radicalism permeating into radical mens rights/masculism? If this type of radical theory exists for feminism...then I am sure it has been suggested by some masculinist author or man involved in men's rights...does anyone know of any weblinks/books that suggest if MEN want to fully be politically active in men's rights and masculism then they need to "give up" women and only engage in sex with other MEN?

What do people think of this theory/idea? Do you think it is viable/reasonable to suggest that the only way you can be a "true" feminist or masculist is by completely avoiding the other sex? I think it kind of makes sense...I mean, all those feminist authors bitch about how evil/bad men and the patriarchy are...but at the end of the day they are hypocrites because they still actively go looking for sex with men...should the same be said about ,say, Warren Farrell or Michael A Messner...these men bitch about how women only use men as wallets and (rightly so) condemn the divorce courts which are unfavourable to men...but at the end of the day Warren Farrell/Michael A Messner/or any man who calls himself a "masculist" or "mens rights activist" goes out looking for sex with women? Isn't this hypocritical? Shouldn't these men make a conscious effort not to involve themselves with women if they are so corruptive and distrustful...which would mean only having sex with other men?

Your thoughts please...
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I need more books to read at work, most of my books are just not suitable for reading at work, funny thing is I am currently reading ‘The myth of male power’ by Warren Farrell, Ph.D. and I get accused of being a feminist – yes I am a feminist but people seem to think of me in terms of the stereotypical feminist, saying as this is a book that is pro-men, written by a male feminist you would think they would have more sense. They enjoy reading my menstrual activist buttons on my bag, but I don’t think they understand there meaning, they just assume it is a woman only issue or a woman only celebration, I think I would be far less likely to get away with proudly displaying penises than I am proudly displaying cunts. I need more books like this one, this is good however it is very Americanised in that it goes for big bangs in it’s presentation and fancies up the obvious with radical theory – if anyone knows of any similar books not quite so irritating to read please let me know.
I retain my opinion that men’s issues are almost completely ignored, which leaves us all totally screwed, but it is just the way we move forward, it is always the same, we are incapable of moving forward together so we move forward one before the other. I can go online, or go to the library and read up on female anatomy, read up on feminism and a load of wonderful things empowering women to take control of their sexuality, their bodies and their lives, yet I try to find the same sort of information on men it just does not exist, if I find sites on male anatomy it is simple and with a tone of Viagra adverts, if I find information on empowering men it is at the expense of women, or simply too scared to say much in case it is thought of as being at the expense of women. I don’t think I can be a good feminist unless I care as much for men’s issues as women’s, but then I can’t really care if there is nothing out there about men’s issues, nothing to give me the side of an empowered male.
I don’t see males moving forward to catch up with us women any time soon, especially not when the women’s movement gets so much bad press. There simply is nothing here to encourage men to move forward past nagging women, at least with women we have things that push us forward, but I don’t think men really even realise there is a problem.
Is there any hope for men to move forward in terms of sexual liberation and equality as women have?

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Women make babies. Men don’t. Women carry babies during 9 months in their womb. Men spurt some ejaculate with force grunting and a small pleasure spasm, and then… well then that is all and they played their role. I mean, however much MEN would like to pretend they are all important and without them nothing would happen, it is quite evident their role in procreation is quite reduced.

And yet, I have no problem with all that. I mean, that is what evolution led us to. That is BIOLOGY.

I DO have a problem however with the fact that, statistically, I am about as likely to have a BOY as I am to have a GIRL. I do find it quite unjust that while men do very little and me most of the work, they still manage to occupy HALF the space in my womb (I mean, err, on average, I am not having twins, nope nope).

I DO NOT UNDERSTAND why, with present day birth control methods, which allow us to easily select the SEX of our children, we still keep on producing as many BOYS as GIRLS, when boys will spend maybe 2 or 3 useful minutes in their life on average, while girls will have to spend between 2 and three years carrying baby if they are to replenish the population on our planet.

What should therefore be the proper proportion of males to females if we are to re-establish justice that evolution stole from us? In other words, let us see: What is the worth of one female in terms of males?

Some calculations: 9 months = 270 days = 6480 hours = 388800 minutes = about 129600 men if we assume a man spends 3 minutes fucking, which is about as much as most devote to their partner until their base animal instincts are satisfied and they pull out with that most precious (not!) grunt.

THIS MEANS THAT if we were being fair, and a MAN had to devote 9 months to procreation in his life, the ratio of man to woman should be about 1/100,000.

In that calculation, I am being very GENEROUS to men. With the advances in procreation technology, a man wouldn’t have to perform the sexual act. He would be milked for his sperm every day (suppose, conservatively, he has 100,000 X spermatozoa each session. His masturbation, if done efficiently, would last about 2 minutes before he gets to ejaculate, but let’s be generous and count every day where he contributes as a working day (after all, even the best of them can only ejaculate about 3 to 5 times a day, which means replenishment of their reserves is not immediate).

That means the REVISED figure would be:

270 days by 100,000 = 27 millions. Yes. That means ONE woman is worth about 27 million men. THIS MEANS you would need to produce only about 2 to three men for the entire California!

OK, you will tell me, but what is in this for US women? DON’T YOU REALIZE!!! NOW, you spend about 2 to three years carrying babies. THEN, in the new world of the future, you will have to spend only 9 months to replenish the population. This is because you will produce GIRLS only, girls who in their turn will produce girls, and so on, and so forth. There will be NO MORE WASTE. We won’t have to feed useless men. This will be a formidable advance in economic productivity.

IMAGINE! When did you last hear of an improvement that led to a TWO FOLD decrease in labor (gestation period) at such a low cost of implementation: we will only have to simply generalize existing techniques, and let existing men progressively die out (I am not advocating their forced withdrawal from the economic system, as this would encounter too much resistance from well-meaning members of society).

IMAGINE!! No more men to take up your job when you are away on maternity leave!! No more men to take advantage of your relative physical weakness to beat and rape you (Reminder: Domestic violence is on the rise, and it is disproportionately applied by men onto women).

IMAGINE!!! A society where everybody would be equal, where everybody would contribute equally to that most important social function (you could argue, the ONLY properly social function), I mean, the REPRODUCTION of the social body.

Sisters, brothers, do you see the huge promises of my project?

Yes, I said sisters, BROTHERS! Brothers are part into my most awesome project. For I believe that MEN will rally under the rule of reason, and for the sake of humanity and the better functioning of society, will accept that their place in society must be curtailed down.

After all, aren’t we all human? Why should men rebel against a process that will replace less productive human beings with more productive, more deserving ones? Won’t humanity survive the elimination of men? Why should it matter to a human whether the surviving human is a male or a female?

A true feminist is one who believes in humanity. A true humanist will submit to the rule of reason. Reason calls for the elimination of men. Let’s be real feminists / humanists / reasonable people. Let’s get rid of the male dead weight on society. For equality. For efficiency. For a better world were we all are truly BORN EQUAL. This is what the CONSTITUTION called for in its opening preamble. This is what we are called upon to finally achieve.