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Men's Studies
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This group is similar to women's studies, except it's men's studies.

Men, women, and anyone else are welcome to post.

Do post: Polite, respectful, information-rich, intelligent discussion. Women's studies / feminism is acceptable as a sub-topic, as some people would view it as the other side of the coin of men's studies.

Do not post: "But history and everything else we study *is* men's studies." (Note: some truth to that, but not likely to lead to anything useful.)

Do not post: Anti-feminist, anti-male, anti-female, anti-androgynous, anti-gay, anti-christian, anti-pagan, anti-aardvark, sizeist, sexist, racist, or other bigoted posts. (ie, not deliberately, tho chances are you'll hit some of those at times, particularly the aardvarks.)

Do not post: Personal attacks, passive aggressive sniping, and other such unpleasantness.

Report abuse to me; violators of the rules will be permanently banned.


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